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Eiri Yuki... [entries|friends|calendar]
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[15 Nov 2005|10:48am]

I made my first Friend's only banner! The image was made by Seono Shou and the lyrics are from Bare Naked Ladies.

Friend's OnlyCollapse )
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[31 Oct 2005|01:50pm]

FMA Flash...Collapse )
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[17 Oct 2005|12:38pm]

ha cha cha! i changed the layout! Eiri Yuki is so hot! but not as hot as shuichi!....hey people though try to get some other members to join...we're lonely here!
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[12 Oct 2005|02:19pm]

kay layout is a little krappy i admit but other words...good......image made in photo shop...

now what to put in the first post.... kay after a little while of being up and after we get more members we will be having a icon contest. so join! i'll put up oh and i'll be puting a poll up too! so look for it soon!
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